What's in My Carry On Bag?

I am heading up to my family’s lake house in Canada tomorrow, so I thought I would share what I bring onto the plane. I try to keep the things that I bring to a minimum so that my shoulder isn’t falling off by the end of the day!

To start off my bag is from Roxy. It is super spacious without being too clunky.  It also fits under the seat nicely.

Asian snack mix, dark chocolate acai berries


It’s not a trip for me without a few snacks. The first one that I have is an Asian snack mix from Target with rice crackers, nuts, wasabi peas, and a few other things. This mix is very satisfying and easy to eat on the plane.  The other snack I have is dark chocolate covered açai berries. Let me tell you, they are delicious! The dark chocolate adds richness while the açai adds tartness. How do I know this? I’ve already eaten about half the bag-whoops!

hand sanatizer, hand cream, lip balm, gum, makeup removing wipes

Hand Cream

My skin always feels super dry whenever I fly, especially my hands. The one that I have is by EOS. It is moisturizing and smells really good too.

Lip Balm

My lips get really dry too. I love the lip butters by Nivea. My favorite is the Raspberry Rose Kiss. It smells really good and moisturizes really well.

Hand Sanitizer

This is definitely a traveling must because the airport is a sea of germs! I am obsessed with the ones from Bath and Body Works. The scent I have is called Crushed Berry.

Makeup Removing Wipes

I haven’t decided whether I’m going to wear makeup on the plane yet, but it’s good to be prepared if I want to take it off. Even if I don’t wear makeup it is sometimes nice to just refresh your face. The ones that I have are by Simple.


My ears tend to pop when landing or taking off (I know TMI) and gum really seems to help. I also just like to have it in case I need a breath freshener.

ray ban, eye glasses, sun glasses, phone, iPhone


I just like to have these for when I get on and off flights. The ones that I have are from Forever 21.

Glasses Case

I usually don’t like to wear my contacts on the plane, so I wear my glasses. They just have a simple black frame and are from Ray Ban.


Besides obvious reasons, I bring by IPhone to listen to music and read.

What do you like to bring with you when traveling? Have you been anywhere exciting this summer?


  1. I've had those blueberry and acai chocolates before, and they taste heavenly! :)


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    1. Thanks Jadiee! I will definitely check out your blog :)

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