DIY // My Glittered State

I was in search of a project to spice up my room. Of course, Pinterest was the first place I looked. I found this project from The Effortless Chic, but I put a couple of my own twists on it. This project is amazingly easy and adds a personal touch to your room. I am definitely not the craftiest person so if I can do it, you can do it too!

1 Sheet of Glitter Paper
1 Sheet of Solid Colored Paper
Frame (I used a 10x8)
Heart Hole Puncher
Hot Glue
State Stencil (I printed out an image from Google)

1. Gather all supplies listed above. Print and cut out the state that you want to use.
2. Trace the state stencil on the back of the glitter paper. Make sure to have the state flipped vertically so that when you use the glitter side it is facing the right way.
3. Cut out the glitter state.

4. Position the heart hole puncher on the city that you want to be shown is located.
5. Punch out the heart and discard it.
6. Cut the solid piece of paper to the size of the frame.

7. Hot glue the state to the solid paper.
8. Insert the solid piece of paper with the glitter state on it into the frame.

Voila! You now have a super cute and personalized addition to any room in the house.

Have you made any DIYs recently? If so, what were they?


  1. I love the idea of cutting out a heart for your hometown! Such a cute DIY~ Thanks so much for sharing! :)


  2. Great blog:)Amazing diy!